Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pop Star Party!

I will be the first to admit that I went a little overboard for Libby's 8th birthday party.  Maybe it was because I loved the theme so much, I am not sure. 
We all dressed up for the party.  The boys were our "bouncers" so they wore black t shirts with "SECURITY" written on them.  Libby and I wore our sequin skirts.

The colors for the party were orange, pink, black and white and gold

The cake was just 2 round cookie cakes from Kroger pushed together with holes cut in the middle to make an 8. 

I cut vinyl 8s with my cutter to put on the clear cups.

We had feather boas, sunglasses and blow up guitars for the girls to wear.

You had to get your VIP pass from the bouncers to be able to use the VIP entrance

The girls decorated microphones and put on makeup

The girls had so much fun singing Kareoke.

Such a fun age group to do this party with!  Libby and all the girls had a blast!

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