How to Order

Ready to order?  See the order form below or,
Send me an email ( with the following information:
  1. Card design you are choosing, or if you want me to custom-design a Card, let me know some idea of colors or styles that you like;
  2. Wording of Card;
  3. Size of Card;
  4. Type of Card (Cardstock or Photo);
  5. Quantity (Note: Minimum order of 100 for Cardstock);
  6. Attach the picture that you want on the Card;
  7. Anything else you want to add (return labels, note cards, etc...); and
  8. Any other thoughts or ideas about your Card.
I will get back with you in a couple days with a proof of your cards for you to approve before they are printed.  I will also send you a paypal invoice that will need to be paid before printing.  (if you are a returning customer or live in the Memphis area, you can write me a check).

or fill out this form...